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Steam Fix! Lan server not showing up in Lan Server Browser

From FusionNetwork

If your reading this it means that you feel my pain!

 Fix For: Server not showing in LAN Browser (Half Life2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Source, Day Of Defeat, Zombie Panic Source, Left 4 Dead, Steam..etc)

Have you tried to host a Steam (HL2) based game on a LAN with it to just not show up in the Lan Browser? Yes? Well your not alone, This has been an issue for a long time and i believe i have finally found a solution to the problem. 

e.x. BAD! ./srcds_run -game tf +ip +map  0.3

e.x. GOOD! ./srcds_run -game tf + map 0.3

When running a Dedicated server for TF2/CSS/ZPS/etc... If you specify the +ip option on your launch command it seems that your server will NOT show up in the Lan browser. 

 However! If you instead specify NO ip option on the launch command all is well! Yes this was annoying to find, yes i was up till 3 am because of a huge Lan we are hosting this coming week. And yes, im annoied that this has not appeared ANYWHERE on any forum i have looked. 

I believe this has something to do with HL2 based games not properly sending out the information that the LAN browser needs if you force it to bind to a specific IP. However, from what ive noticed this seems to work without issue.

 (This was tested and found to work on a Linux Dedicated server running the latest TF2/CSS/ZPS/L4D as of Nov 11 2008)

Server is running CentOS 5x

Hope this helps everyone.

Frag On!