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Setup RequestTracker mail gateway with pre-existing Postfix mail system ( Virtual Users, Virtual domains, Etc).



If you already have a functioning mail system you probably do not want to setup a whole new gateway just to make request tracker run. You probably also do not want to run request tracker on your primary mail gateway.

This will show you how to integrate your new Request Tracker installation into an already existing Postfix/DoveCot system that uses Virtual Users and Virtual Domains via MySQL.



Primary mail gateway with Postfix using Virtual Users.

Access (SSH) to the Mail server.

Access to the “rt-mailgate” perl scripts shipped with RequestTracker.



  1. Log into your mail server.
  2. cd into your postfix configuration directory and make backups of the “, and transport” files.
  3. Add the following into your “transport” file.
  1. Save and close the file, Rebuild the transports DB.
  2. postmap transports
  3. Add the following to your “” file. Make sure to make changes where needed.
  • rt-pipe unix - n n - - pipe
    flags= user=wwwrun argv=/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue General --action correspond --url
  • rt-comment-pipe unix - n n - - pipe
    flags= user=wwwrun argv=/opt/rt3/bin/rt-mailgate --queue General --action comment --url
  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Backup your /etc/aliases file
  • cp /etc/aliases /etc/aliases.bk
  1. Add the following to the bottom of your aliases file.



Restart postfix to load your changes. Make sure to check the error log to see that nothing is “broken”. If you did not setup your user correctly in the “” file it will error out and postfix will not start correctly.


Problems still?

If you do not think the system is reading your transports file then make sure the following lines are in your postfix “” file and that they are correct.

transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport

virtual_alias_maps = proxy:mysql:$config_directory/, hash:/etc/aliases

alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases