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tftboot node_root unmatched host

From FusionNetwork

Recently when using a DRBL (Diskless remote boot linux) system for clonezilla backups i ran into this dreaded problem.

  mountd[2592]: refused mount request from for /tftpboot/node_root (/tftpboot/node_root): unmatched host

On the boot client it lists a "Permission denied" when trying to mount root. 

 Needless to say this is a kind of strange issue. The only thing done was the DRBL package was upgraded. Then a drblpush -i ran (to fix the location of /home/partimage). 

 So here is the easy way to fix it!

 Open up your /etc/exports file.

 Change the lines that look like this. 


To look like this.  (note the addition of the "insecure" line.)


Also change.


To this. 


And there you have it.