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OpenVpn Having problems connecting on Mac OSX?

I ran into this problem with OpenVPN Connect 1.8 on OSX.OpenVPN Connect listed "No VPN available" or " No VPN Found". This system used to have no problems in connecting to the vpn system and only developed the issue after running out of battery while connected to the VPN>

The error appeared to be that the back end service would not start and would keep spitting out some error about the socket already being in use.

I found that there is a file called "cliapi.sock" that is created when the openvpn back end services run.

You can find the file here: /Library/Application\ Support/OpenVPN/sock

All you have to do is Delete the file, then reboot.

After which your OpenVpn Connect tool should be working again exactly as it should.

Hope this is useful to someone!